The FAQ describes the SuperHalfs series with five races ie. as it applies to the 2022 and 2023 seasons. After the end of the 2023 season (after Valencia 2023), the FAQ will be updated for the six-race SuperHalfs series with the Berlin Half Marathon and a longer completion time (60 months instead of 36 months).

For a detailed description of what is changing, please read the Q&A document at www.superhalfs.com


Which races are in the SuperHalfs series?

The SuperHalfs comprises of the following events:
1.    EDP Lisbon Half Marathon
2.    Prague Half Marathon
3.    Copenhagen Half Marathon
4.    Cardiff Half Marathon
5.    Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich 


Why have these races been chosen?

These races have been chosen based on quality, popularity, location and commitments to sustainability. All hold World Athletics (IAAF) Labels whilst Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia have recently hosted the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships (in 2014, 2016 and 2018).

Will any more races be joining SuperHalfs?

The organisers reserve the right to evaluate potential candidates and to add additional races in the future.

When are the races taking place?

Race dates for other years will be published later.

Lisbon – March 10
Prague – April 6
Copenhagen – September 15
Cardiff – October 6
Valencia – October 27

Lisbon – March 12
Prague – April 1
Copenhagen – September 17
Cardiff – October 1
Valencia – October 22

Lisbon – May 8
Prague – April 2
Copenhagen – September 18
Cardiff – October 2
Valencia – October 23

Does the SuperHalfs series ever end?

No, the Superhalfs series races are repeated every year.

Specific race dates are only announced a year in advance.

Races are always held in the same weeks of the year.

Where can I find more information about each race?

More information or FAQs about each event can be found on the race websites:




Who is eligible to compete?

Anyone is eligible to participate, so long as they fulfil the criteria of each race (such as minimum age). Race rules can be found on the individual race websites. Anyone who has registered for one race is eligible to participate in the SuperHalfs.

How much does it cost?

Aside from the cost of your registration fees (for each race) there is no additional charge for participating in the SuperHalfs.

How long do I have to complete the series?

You must complete all five races within 36 months, starting from the date you finish your first race. You must complete the race (and have an official chip time as per the race organisers conditions). Runners can complete the series in any order they like.

The series officially gets underway on 2 April 2022 in Prague, which will be the first eligible race. The start of the series was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What happens if I do not complete all five half marathons within 36 months of the first?

Do not worry. You have always the opportunity to complete all five half marathons within a 36-month period. The 36-month period is a rolling window. Initially, it will begin on the day you complete the first half marathon (in whichever location you choose to start). However, if you have not completed all five within 36 months, for whatever reason, your 36-month start date will move to the date of your second half marathon. This means that you will need to rerun the first half marathon. The second time you complete a particular half marathon it will replace your first attempt at that location in the Superhalfs system. The process of moving your 36-month start date can occur as many times as you need to complete all five races within any 36-month period.

What happens when I run the same race a second time?

The rule is that a newer result at the same race always replaces the old one.

This is an important and desirable behavior because with this you can move your 36-month window forward. If you are unable to finish all five races in 36 months from your first run, for example, due to an injury or big workload, you will visit the city of your first run again and by running there again you get the additional time to finish your journey and get your SuperMedal!

This behavior works for as long as your SuperHalfs journey lasts. Once you finish your last race, your data is "locked" and your future runs in the cities doesn't affect your SuperPassport or Results.

I'm going to run in XYZ for the second time but slowly with a friend and I don't want to overwrite my fast time from last time - how should I do it?

In this case don’t put your SuperPassport number into your race registration. This makes your race "invisible" to SuperHalfs.

Please be aware that if you run the same race for the second time and you are registered with your SuperPassport number, your first result will be overwritten and there is no option AFTER the race to select which result you would like to see.

Will the rules always stay the same?

The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme or the rules and conditions without prior notice. Any changes will be communicated via www.superhalfs.com

I have ran one of the SuperHalfs races before, does this count?

The SuperHalfs series officially got underway in 2022, with Prague Half Marathon on 2 April 2022 being the first eligible race. Any race completed from 2022 onwards will count in your journey and can be claimed in your runner’s profile at: https://www.superhalfs.com/en/accounts/results/.

If you have run a race in one of our cities before 2022, this will not count. The SuperHalfs series was frozen in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do you know which races I have completed?

If you would like to become a SuperRunner (someone who has completed all five races) you will need to create an account at www.superhalfs.com. Here, you can track your participation in the series, unlock exclusive benefits or purchase entries into future events.

Upon creating an account, you will be assigned a passport number. You’ll need to enter this when registering for any of the events.

How does the SuperPassport work?

You can create a digital SuperPassport and unique passport number at any time at www.superhalfs.com. Here, you can collect stamps when you complete each race. 
If you have entered your SuperHalfs passport number on the registration form when you signed up for any of the races (in Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff or Valencia) your passport will be automatically stamped in the days following the race. 

If you did not insert a passport number, you will be able to search for and claim your result in your account after the event (results will be available to claim soon after the race). 
Runners have 36 months (from the date of your first completed race) to complete the series.

What if I signed up to a race before I had a passport number?

If you have already entered a SuperHalfs event without inputting a passport number, you should go back and add it to your existing registration. Some races will let you login and make changes to your existing registration (please see your confirmation email for details).

If you can't add it or don't get a chance before running the event then don't worry, run the event as normal. After the race you can then complete a simple form on your SuperHalfs profile to have the result added into your passport to mark completion.

How does the digital SuperRunner passport work?

As you create an account at www.superhalfs.com a digital passport and passport number will be generated for you. You will need to input this passport number whenever you enter a race.

As you complete races you will collect stamps in your virtual passport. The passport will be shareable via email and social media so you can share your journey and progress with family and friends.

Once you have completed your fourth race, and entered your fifth and final race, the race organisers will be notified that you are expected to attend and become a SuperRunner – meaning your SuperMedal will be ready for collection once you have crossed the finish line.

What happens when I have completed the series?

Every runner who completes the series will earn a SuperMedal, to be collected after finishing the fifth race. Their name will also appear on the Hall of Fame at www.superhalfs.com.

What happens if I pick up an injury, or if the race is cancelled for some reason?

For more information on refund and transferral policy, please visit the individual race websites where you will find details on the policy and process if you pick up an injury and can no longer compete, or the race is cancelled or delayed because of unforeseen circumstances (such as extreme weather).

How to add my SuperHalfs passport number into my race registration if I didn’t enter it during registration?


  • Go to https://myevents.active.com
  • Log in and select the Cardiff Half Marathon
  • Click Edit registration
  • Add your SuperHalfs passport number, the question is towards the bottom of the registration form
  • Hit Continue
  • Note: If the ‘entry changes & transfer deadline’ has passed, it is too late to add your passport number to your registration but you will be able to ‘claim your result’ instead after you have completed the race at https://www.superhalfs.com/en/accounts/results/.


  • Find your confirmation email you received after you signed up
  • Log into your account using that email
  • Enter your SuperHalfs passport number



  • Go to www.runczech.com
  • Log in to your Runners ID profile and click your name
  • Click Edit profile, there is „SuperHalfs Passport Number“ section with Add button
  • Fill in your SuperHalfs passport number and hit Update data at the bottom
  • Send an email to info@runczech.com that you have added SuperHalfs passport number and we will update your registration


  • Go to the Self-Service Area https://tickets.valenciaciudaddelrunning.com/#/EN/servicios
  • Click Enter in Modify and update registration data section
  • Select the race, fill in your personal data (Passport number, Date of birth and Email) and click Identify
  • Check your mailbox and “Confirm request”
  • Add your SuperHalfs passport number in the SH field

I will become a SuperRunner on my next, last race. What should I do to get my SuperMedal?

Congratulations on making it this far!

We can’t wait to welcome you to the finish line of your final race when you will become a SuperRunner.
Please make sure you have everything in order:

1.    you can see all four previous races in your running profile and stamped in your passport 
2.    you have registered for your fifth and final race with your passport number inputted on your entry. 

Next steps:

•    Continue with your training and look forward to your final race! 
•    You will receive your SuperMedal once you have crossed the finish line 
•    You will receive a dedicated email before the race with instructions


How do I enter the races?

1.    Enter one race at a time:
You’ll find click through links to race registration at www.superhalfs.com.
Races are popular, and many sell out early – months before the event date. If you’re keen to take part, we encourage you to register as soon as possible once registration opens. You will receive an alert via e-newsletter when registration opens.

2.    Enter via one of the official SuperHalfs charity partners:
Enter one or more of the races in the series via one of the official SuperHalfs charity partners. These spaces will be advertised at Charity Partners.
Many charities will offer free or discounted race entries in return for a pledge to fundraise for them. Many charities will have reserved spaces left after the race has sold out.

3.    Enter via a SuperVoucher/SeriesPass
SuperVoucher (sold out in 2023) (formerly SeriesPass) offers entry into all five races. Once runners have purchased a SuperVoucher, they have received entry codes that can be used on individual race websites to redeem their entry fee in each event.


How does the SuperVoucher work?

•    The SuperVoucher contains one unique access code so that you can separately enter all five SuperHalfs events free of charge in the future 
•    You will be sent your SuperVoucher via email after you have paid and your unique access code will also be added to your SuperHalfs profile. 
•    The SuperVoucher is valid from 36 months from the date of the first event you complete
•    You are responsible for making sure you enter each event before your code expires, and before registration closes or entries sell out.

Entries in each event are limited, so the SuperVoucher does not guarantee entry in any given year, however if the year you want to run is sold out at the time of purchase, then you can simply use the access code to enter into the following year (when that event registration entry process opens).

What if one of the races has sold out?

The SuperHalfs races are very popular, and many sell out early before the event date. There are still ways to enter after the race has sold out, like via a SuperHalfs charity.

If no charity spaces remain available, you’ll have to wait until the following year to register. If you have purchased a series package you will have 36 months to redeem your entry code.


Did the 2021 virtual race count?

The 2021 SuperHalfs virtual event was launched at a time that major events could not go ahead because of the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide training motivation and the opportunity to earn a finishers medal. The race did not count towards completing the series.

Does the 2022 virtual race count?

The virtual event(s) for 2022 are Virtual Training Challenges and do not count as a stamp in your SuperPassport or towards completing the five-event series. Only the live events in Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia are included in the SuperHalfs series.


Why did the 2021 races not count toward completing the series?

The difficult decision was taken to freeze the series in 2020/2021 (which was due to launch just a few weeks after lockdown was introduced in 2020) because of the pandemic. 

As events began to return in some countries, travel restrictions meant many runners could still not travel. It was still not clear when all events would be able to safely resume in every city, so allowing the series to commence with only some events able to go ahead was not deemed appropriate. 

We wanted to ensure the great experience we had envisaged when the SuperHalfs was introduced would be realised. We appreciate this was frustrating and disappointing for those that were able to race in 2021, but the delay was born out of a desire to deliver a truly memorable experience at a time that runners were able to travel freely around all five cities – and for the series to commence in all five cities at the same time.

More details at: https://www.superhalfs.com/en/articles/news/2021/11/23/superhalfs-series-frozen-until-2022/

I did not know that the 2021 event I attended did not count towards the series. Why was this not communicated sooner?

As events began to return in some countries in 2021, travel restrictions meant many runners could still not travel. It was not clear when all events would be able to safely resume in every city, so allowing the series to commence with only some events able to go ahead was not deemed appropriate and the decision was taken to freeze the series.

We apologise if this was not communicated properly. Communications went out from each of the 2021 races that were able to go ahead explaining the situation to runners that were registered to take part, but this should have been made clearer earlier with additional communications via the SuperHalfs newsletter.

Why did the March 2022 Cardiff race not count?

There are two Cardiff races taking place in 2022. The rescheduled 2020 event on Sunday 27 March and a race as normal in the autumn on Sunday 2 October 2022.

Like with the 2021 races in Lisbon, Copenhagen and Valencia, the decision to take the March (2020) race out of the series was taken to protect the integrity of the series, with only five SuperHalfs races taking place each year (with one event in each city). 

We appreciate that this may be frustrating for those runners registered to take part, but the option to defer to October was offered to (1) all international runners, (2), all runners who had followed instructions and inputted a SuperHalfs passport number on their Cardiff Half entry, (3) anyone who had registered via a SuperHalfs charity or series pass. 

When the new March date was announced, all runners were also given the opportunity to swap their race entry for a virtual event entry or credit note voucher to be used against any future entry into a Run 4 Wales event. 

What happens if a race is cancelled or postponed, will the series be frozen again?

The decision to freeze the series in 2020/2021 was taken because of the unique situation with the pandemic, which was impacting races in all five of the cities and around the world. 

If any events had to be cancelled in future (for any reason, such as bad weather) the series would not be frozen. It is unlikely that a situation will arise causing disruption on the same scale as the pandemic leading to the cancellation of all events in the series.
In the unlikely event a race does need to be called off for any reason, organisers will aim to reschedule for another date as soon as possible and keep participants informed. 

Participants will have 36 months to complete the series, from the date they complete their first race, offering flexibility to runners to complete the series over a number of seasons and in any order they like. 

Why is SuperHalfs being re-launched now?

The situation with the Coronavirus has improved dramatically in recent months in the five countries of the SuperHalfs series, meaning it is now possibly for the series to get underway.

Is validity of my SeriesPass affected by series freeze?

Yes, as the series has been frozen in 2020 and 2021, the validity of your SeriesPass has been prolonged by 24 months automatically.

For example, if the SeriesPass was bought in January 2020, it should remain valid until January 2023. But as the SuperHalfs series was frozen in 2020 and 2021, the validity has been prolonged by 24 months, so a SeriesPass bought in January 2020 remains valid until January 2025.

(since 2023, SeriesPass has been renamed to SuperVoucher)


What environmental issues and sustainability efforts do you support?

The five cities of Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia have joined forces to develop practices and policies aimed at reducing reliance on harmful materials, eliminating excessive use of plastic and paper and avoiding unsustainable materials and business practices.

The SuperHalfs have developed a ‘Wheel of Sustainability’ based on the UN Goals for Sustainable Development which will be used to inform the environmental policy for all five races.

More details will be shared with runners as the policy develops and races take steps to ensure the only footprints we leave behind are those we make with our feet.


How do I find out more information about the charities involved in SuperHalfs?

All of the official partner charities in the charity listings have a ‘Find out more’ button where you can find out more information about the charity.

This page will tell you more about the work that the charity carry out, as well as the support you’ll receive in return. You’ll also find contact information for the charity if you would like to get in touch with them to ask specific questions about the SuperHalfs fundraising programme.

Do charities have entries in all SuperHalfs events?

All partner charities have a limited amount of guaranteed entries in every SuperHalfs event. Charities can either offer these in the form of a series charity entry in all five SuperHalfs events, or as single entries in the individual events. This will vary per charity, so please click the ‘Find out more’ button for your chosen charity to check.

When do charity entries close?

Charities currently offer places in 2022 SuperHalfs events. Application deadlines will vary between charities, as a charity will close their applications once they have filled their limited amount of guaranteed charity places. To avoid disappointment, make sure you submit your application as early as possible. Please also bear in mind the date of the events that you are applying for, and ensure that you have left enough time to complete your fundraising.

What do I need to include in my application?

As well as including the personal information your charity will need to get in touch with you, your application will also include some information about your fundraising.

Remember, charities will receive a high volume of applications and will not be able to offer places to everyone. You are more likely to be accepted based on the quality of your application, specifically ‘Why do you want to join our team?’ and ‘How much will you pledge to fundraise?’ so please think carefully about your answers.

Can I apply to multiple charities?

You can only have one ‘live’ application to a charity at any one time. Please look through the listings and choose a charity to support that is close to your heart. If your application is rejected you are able to submit an application to another charity or you can withdraw your application at any time and submit a new application to a different charity.

What is the minimum fundraising amount?

All charities set their own fundraising amounts for SuperHalfs, so minimum fundraising targets will vary. Click the ‘Find out more’ button next to your chosen charity on the charity listings, and you will be able to find out the minimum fundraising target on this page.

Don’t worry though - every official charity partner will provide you with all of the support and resources you’ll need to easily reach your fundraising target.

Can I fundraise for a charity if I already have a place in a SuperHalfs event?

Yes! Even if you already have your own place in a SuperHalfs event, our partner charities would love to have you on their fundraising teams. As an own place runner your charity will still provide you with all the support you need. As you already have a place in an event, this won’t use up one of the charity’s limited guaranteed entries, meaning your charity can add even more runners to their fundraising team. To apply as an own place fundraiser, be sure to select ‘Yes, I already have a place’ on the ‘Have you already purchased your own place?’ step of the application form.

Will I get any special privileges as a fundraiser?

As a fundraiser you’ll receive support from your charity throughout your SuperHalfs journey, including during your training, on race day itself and after the race.

The support you receive will vary from charity to charity, but may include training plans, fundraising resources, regular updates from your charity, and personalised running t-shirts.

As a fundraiser your charity will be hugely grateful for your vital contribution to their cause, so you’ll find that they will help you however they can.