COVID-19 Update

Series - Official Statement On COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

The race organisers of all five events that make up the SuperHalfs Series are closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).

We are sorry to inform that as of today (10 March 2020) both the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon 2020 and Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon 2020 will not be taking place in March as planned due to the spread of the virus and instruction from government and health authorities around the staging of events.

The races in Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia are still scheduled to take place as originally planned, and every effort is being made to ensure the safety of participants. Each event is in regular communication with their respective local authorities regarding the situation.

The Health Ministry in Portugal have imposed a ban on all outdoor events with more than 5,000 participants, so it has been determined that the risk surrounding the staging of the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon 2020 is a case of force majeure. The event has been rescheduled until Sunday 6 September – and those who have registered will be kept updated regarding the rescheduled event.

The Government of the Czech Republic have taken the decision to cancel all events with over 100 people, including the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon 2020. Race organisers Run Czech kindly ask for your patience, and will provide more information about the 22nd edition of the event no later than Wednesday 11 March at 4pm CET.

We know that runners will have been training hard for a long time, and were looking forward to running in Lisbon and Prague, but the health of our runners, and people around the world is our main priority at this time and we respect the support and measures taken by local governments. Our thoughts are with those affected by the Coronavirus, and their families and friends.

We share your disappointment, especially those with plans to travel to Lisbon and Prague but thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. We will keep runners updated as and when we have more information.

Remember, you still have 36 months from the time you run your first SuperHalfs event to complete the series, which means your SuperJourney starts whenever you need it to.

Event-specific updates are available on the official event websites below:

EDP Lisbon Half Marathon

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon

Copenhagen Half Marathon

Cardiff University Cardiff Half Marathon

Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP

For the latest information regarding COVID-19, please consult the information provided by your national health authority and the World Health Organization: 



I bought a race entry for Lisbon or Prague via the SuperHalfs website (via a Charity or Series Pass). Will my entry be carried over to the new date?

If you purchased an entry using a SuperHalfs access code your entry will be automatically transferred to the new event date. If you were entered for Prague, you also have the option to defer your entry to 2021 for free or to transfer to another runner for 2020. For specific queries regarding entry transfers or deferrals please contact the event organisers directly.

I have a question about my registration for the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon or Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon races which have been postponed. Who do I contact?

Please contact the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon organisers directly here or Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon organisers here.

Why are the rescheduled EDP Lisbon Half Marathon and Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon on the same date?

Whilst every effort was made to avoid a date clash, it was unfortunately unavoidable in these extraordinary circumstances and we were unable to find a solution that suited all runners, stakeholders and local authorities across both cities – who are all dealing with the challenges around rescheduling and postponed all sorts of events into a busy autumn schedule. With the original event dates just one week apart, only a minimal number of runners have been impacted but we recognise these runners will be disappointed and we thank them for their understanding during this difficult period. Thankfully, you have 36 months (starting on the day you finish your first race) to complete the series, so this will not prevent you from completing it.

I wanted to complete the series in one year. This is no longer possible with the Lisbon and Prague date clash, what are my options?

We understand your frustration at being unable to do so. With a 3-year limit on completing the series (starting on the day you finish your first race) – the new dates should not impact your journey to becoming a SuperRunner although we recognise, like with most things in life currently, plans may have to be adapted. We recommend that runners take on the Lisbon race in 2020 and take up the option of a free deferral to next year’s race in Prague (on 27 March 2021) or transfer their Prague space to another runner. RunCzech will be emailing entrants more details on these options.

I am entered for rescheduled events in Lisbon orPrague in September, taking place one week before Copenhagen. Can I change my Copenhagen entry?

There are no options to refund or defer your Copenhagen Half Marathon entry, as per terms and conditions, as the event will be going ahead on its original date. We accept that this may impact or inconvenience your plans and thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented circumstances. If you were entered for Prague, you have the option to defer your entry to 2021 for free or to transfer your 2020 entry to another runner.


Which races are in the SuperHalfs series?

The SuperHalfs comprises of the following events:

  1. EDP Half Marathon Lisbon

  2. Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon

  3. Copenhagen Half Marathon

  4. Cardiff University Cardiff Half Marathon

  5. Medio Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP


Why have these races been chosen?

These races have been chosen based on quality, popularity, location and commitments to sustainability. All hold World Athletics (IAAF) Labels whilst Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia have recently hosted the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships (in 2014, 2016 and 2018).

Will any more races be joining SuperHalfs?

There are no plans for any other races to join the SuperHalfs at this time. The organisers reserve the right to add additional races in the future, and will evaluate potential candidates.

When are the races taking place?

The 2020 event dates are as follows:

Lisbon – September 6

Prague – September 6

Copenhagen – September 13

Cardiff – October 4

Valencia – October 25


Dates for the 2021 races are not yet confirmed but are likely and expected to take place on the same weekend as in 2020.

Where can I found more information about each race, such as the race rules?

More information or FAQs about each event can be found on the race websites:



Who is eligible to compete?

Anyone is eligible to participate, so long as they fulfil the criteria of each race (such as minimum age). Race rules can be found on the individual race websites. Anyone who has registered for one race is eligible to participate in the SuperHalfs.

How much does it cost?

Aside from the cost of your registration fees (for each race) there is no additional charge for participating in the SuperHalfs.

How long do I have to complete the series?

You must complete all five races within 36 months, starting from the date you finish your first race. You must complete the race (and have an official chip time as per the race organisers conditions). Runners can complete the series in any order they like.

Series entry - access codes

Each series pass contains FIVE access codes, which once redeemed will grant you access into each event. Each access code will remain active for 36 months from the time of purchasing a series pass.

Entries in each event are limited, so the series pass does not guarantee entry in any given year, however if the year you want to run is sold out at the time of purchase, then you can simply use the access code to enter into the following year (when that event registration entry process opens). 

Redeeming codes - 

Codes are being released in batches depending on the date of purchase;

Purchased before 6th January 2020 - Codes are available in the 'access codes' section of your profile

Purchased after 6th January 2020 - Codes will be made available from Monday 27th January* 

* will contain codes for all 2020 events that were available at the time of purchasing the series pass, and the 'series code' can be used even if the event then sells out for general entry. 

Will the rules always stay the same?

The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme or the rules and conditions without prior notice. Any changes will be communicated via www.superhalfs.com

I ran one of the SuperHalfs races in 2019, does this count?

This will not count, the SuperHalfs series started in 2020 so only participation from 2020 onwards will count towards completing the series.

How do you know which races I have completed?

If you would like to become a SuperRunner (someone who has completed all five races) you will need to create an account at www.superhalfs.com. Here, you can track your participation in the series, unlock exclusive benefits or purchase entries into future events.

Upon creating an account, you will be assigned a passport number. You’ll need to enter this when registering for any of the events.

What if I signed up to a race before I had a passport number?

If you have already entered a SuperHalfs event without inputting a passport number, you should go back and add it to your existing registration. Some races will let you login and make changes to your existing registration (please see your confirmation email for details).

If you can't add it or don't get a chance before running the event then don't worry, run the event as normal. After the race you can then complete a simple form on your SuperHalfs profile to have the result added into your passport to mark completion.

How does the virtual SuperRunner passport work?

As you create an account at www.superhalfs.com a virtual passport and passport number will be generated for you. You will need to input this passport number whenever you enter a race.

As you complete races you will collect stamps in your virtual passport. The passport will be shareable via email and social media so you can share your journey and progress with family and friends.

Once you have completed your fourth race, and entered your fifth and final race, the race organisers will be notified that you are expected to attend and become a SuperRunner – meaning your SuperMedal will be ready for collection once you have crossed the finish line.

What happens when I have completed the series?

Every runner who completes the series will earn a SuperMedal, to be collected after finishing the fifth race. Their name will also appear on the Hall of Fame at www.superhalfs.com.

What happens if I pick up an injury, or if the race is cancelled for some reason?

For more information on refund and transferral policy, please visit the individual race websites where you will find details on the policy and process if you pick up an injury and can no longer compete, or the race is cancelled or delayed because of unforeseen circumstances (such as extreme weather).


How do I enter the races?


  1. Enter one race at a time:

    You’ll find click through links to race registration at www.superhalfs.com.

    Races are popular, and many sell out early –months before the event date. If you’re keen to take part, we encourage you to register as soon as possible once registration opens. If you have registered at www.superhalfs.com you will receive alerts via e-newsletter when registration opens.

  2. Enter via one of the official SuperHalfs charity partners:

    Enter one or more of the races in the series via one of the official SuperHalfs charity partners. These spaces will be advertised at Charity Partners.

    Many charities will offer free or discounted race entries in return for a pledge to fundraise for them. Many charities will have reserved spaces left after the race has sold out.

  3. Enter via a Series Package

    Series packages offer entry into all five races, at a discounted price of just 230 EUROs. A limited number will be available each year. Runners can purchase at Series Entry.

    Once they have purchased a package they will receive entry codes that can be used on each of the individual race websites to redeem an entry in each event. Runners will have 36 months from the purchase of the series package to use their entry codes. Entries in each event are limited, so the series pass does not guarantee entry in any given year, however if the year you want to run is sold out at the time of purchase, then you can simply use the access code to enter into the following year (when that event registration entry process opens). 


What if one of the races has sold out?

The SuperHalfs races are very popular, and many sell out early before the event date. There are still ways to enter after the race has sold out, via a SuperHalfs charity.

If no charity spaces remain available, you’ll have to wait until the following year to register. If you have purchased a series package you will have 36 months to redeem your entry code.


How do I find out more information about the charities involved in SuperHalfs?

All of the official partner charities in the charity listings have a ‘Find out more’ button where you can find out more information about the charity.

This page will tell you more about the work that the charity carry out, as well as the support you’ll receive in return. You’ll also find contact information for the charity if you would like to get in touch with them to ask specific questions about the SuperHalfs fundraising programme.

Do charities have entries in all SuperHalfs events?

All partner charities have a limited amount of guaranteed entries in every SuperHalfs event. Charities can either offer these in the form of a series charity entry in all five SuperHalfs events, or as single entries in the individual events. This will vary per charity, so please click the ‘Find out more’ button for your chosen charity to check.

When do charity entries close?

Charities currently offer places in 2020 SuperHalfs events. Application deadlines will vary between charities, as a charity will close their applications once they have filled their limited amount of guaranteed charity places. To avoid disappointment, make sure you submit your application as early as possible. Please also bear in mind the date of the events that you are applying for, and ensure that you have left enough time to complete your fundraising.

What do I need to include in my application?

As well as including the personal information your charity will need to get in touch with you, your application will also include some information about your fundraising.

Remember, charities will receive a high volume of applications and will not be able to offer places to everyone. You are more likely to be accepted based on the quality of your application, specifically ‘Why do you want to join our team?’ and ‘How much will you pledge to fundraise?’ so please think carefully about your answers.

Can I apply to multiple charities?

You can only have one ‘live’ application to a charity at any one time. Please look through the listings and choose a charity to support that is close to your heart. If your application is rejected you are able to submit an application to another charity or you can withdraw your application at any time and submit a new application to a different charity.

What is the minimum fundraising amount?

All charities set their own fundraising amounts for SuperHalfs, so minimum fundraising targets will vary. Click the ‘Find out more’ button next to your chosen charity on the charity listings, and you will be able to find out the minimum fundraising target on this page.

Don’t worry though - every official charity partner will provide you with all of the support and resources you’ll need to easily reach your fundraising target.

Can I fundraise for a charity if I already have a place in a SuperHalfs event?

Yes! Even if you already have your own place in a SuperHalfs event, our partner charities would love to have you on their fundraising teams. As an own place runner your charity will still provide you with all the support you need. As you already have a place in an event, this won’t use up one of the charity’s limited guaranteed entries, meaning your charity can add even more runners to their fundraising team. To apply as an own place fundraiser, be sure to select ‘Yes, I already have a place’ on the ‘Have you already purchased your own place?’ step of the application form.

Will I get any special privileges as a fundraiser?

As a fundraiser you’ll receive support from your charity throughout your SuperHalfs journey, including during your training, on race day itself and after the race.

The support you receive will vary from charity to charity, but may include training plans, fundraising resources, regular updates from your charity, and personalised running t-shirts.

As a fundraiser your charity will be hugely grateful for your vital contribution to their cause, so you’ll find that they will help you however they can.


The SuperHalfs website mentions exclusive benefits and incentives offered to Super Runners as they work towards finishing the series, what are they?

A number of benefits will be offered to Super Runners:

  • They will have priority access to entries. If they have created a profile at www.superhalfs.com they will be amongst the first to hear when registration opens for each of the 5 races, giving them the best chance at securing a space before they sell out.

  • A number of guaranteed entries will be reserved in each race, available via official SuperHalfs charity partners (you must raise a pre-agreed amount of money for the charity that provides your entry) – meaning you have an opportunity to gain entry into the races even if they have sold out.

  • Super Runners will be able to purchase exclusive SuperHalfs branded merchandise either at the races or via www.superhalfs.com once it has become available. The official merchandise range is not yet available but will be launched in future.

  • Super Runners will have exclusive access to offers and discounts offered by partners and sponsors of SuperHalfs. They will also be able to access training content courtesy of RealBuzz via www.superhalfs.com.

  • SuperRunners will have access to a virtual passport that can be used to track participation in the series or create content to share with friends and family on social media.

  • Upon completion of the series, Super Runners will receive a SuperMedal.



What environmental issues and sustainability efforts do you support?

The five cities of Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia have joined forces to develop practices and policies aimed at reducing reliance on harmful materials, eliminating excessive use of plastic and paper and avoiding unsustainable materials and business practices.

The SuperHalfs have developed a ‘Wheel of Sustainability’ based on the UN Goals for Sustainable Development which will be used to inform the environmental policy for all five races.

More details will be shared with runners as the policy develops and races take steps to ensure the only footprints we leave behind are those we make with our feet.