October 22, 2023

Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Zurich Half Marathon

One of the fastest races in the world


Letesenbet Gidey (ETH), 2021 (WR)

Women's record


Record number of runners

Record finishers


Kiwibott Kandie (KEN), 2020

Men's record

The Royal Spanish Athletics Federation have awarded the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP the title of the best half marathon in Spain, and when you run this amazing race it’s easy to see why.

As well as the best, it’s also the country’s fastest half marathon, with 10 people finishing in under 60 minutes at the 2019 event. The city centre course winds its way through the busy streets of Valencia, as well as the Maritime Quarter. The route is constantly tweaked to make sure it takes in as much of the authentic city experience as possible, as well as removing some tighter bends to allow for faster finishing times.

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Valencia is a travel haven; studded with dazzling beaches, charming people and a mixture of trendy, fast-paced neighbourhoods and relaxed bars where you can chill out. Despite its size, Valencia still has the feel of a small coastal city, and you’ll find delicious food and exciting attractions at extremely affordable prices.

As the third largest city in Spain, there’s no shortage of things to do in Valencia, and the network of easily available public transport makes getting around a breeze. The locals are welcoming to tourists, and have a love for life that sees many of them staying up until the early hours. 

Valencia has a rich cultural history, combined with a recent trend for new ideas and movements. This can be seen in the city’s architecture, clubs, bars and incredible art scene, which are constantly evolving.

Top 5 things to do in Valencia:

Valencia Cathedral. A beautiful gothic cathedral. Home to renaissance paintings, historical relics, and even a holy chalice said to be used by Jesus at the last supper.

City of the Arts and Sciences. Take a step into the future at this ultra modern complex which houses a state of the art planetarium, IMAX cinema, and collection of native plants.

La Lonja de la Seda. Built in the 15th century, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was once a busy marketplace that attracted people from all over Europe. Its Gothic interior is famed for its twisting pillars leading up to a stunning vaulted ceiling.

Malvarrosa Beach. The city’s most famous beach. A beautiful expanse of pristine golden sand found nearby Valencia’s Old Town.

Jardín del Turia. An oasis of natural beauty in the middle of Valencia, this park was built in 1957 on what was previously the riverbed of the River Turia. It covers 9km (5.5 miles) of lush green space, and is perfect for a warm up run ahead of the race.