Half marathon race day tactics

If you’ve entered a half marathon, you probably don't need reminding that 13.1 miles or 21.1km is a long way

Everything you need to know about half marathon training

Succeeding in a half marathon takes a lot of preparation in your training, nutrition and kit. 

10 half marathon training mistakes to avoid

Training for a half marathon is a great experience for any runner. You’ll enjoy a good mix of training sessions, and start to notice a real improvement

7 steps to improving your half marathon time

If you’re taking on the full SuperHalfs series, it’s only natural that you’ll want to try to improve your finishing time over the course of the five events. 

Half Marathon Nutrition And Hydration

Want to learn how to fuel yourself properly for a half marathon? These hydration and nutrition tips will tell you all you need to know.

How To Run The Perfect Half Marathon

So you’ve done all the training, tapered correctly and got yourself fit and healthy to the start line. What could possibly go wrong? Well lots of things actually.

Keep Your Running Motivation This Winter

The winter months need not put an end to your running training – you probably just need some help with motivation to keep you running through the cold and dark winter nights.