SuperHalfs Series Frozen Until 2022

We can confirm that the SuperHalfs series, originally set to get underway in 2020 has been frozen until 2022 because of ongoing uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

When the new series was launched back in 2019, a passion and love for running was all that we had on our minds. We knew that many of you love to run and travel, and we wanted to add another motivation to visit beautiful cities and take part in great races around Europe.

Now, two years later, we have still been unable to kick off the SuperHalfs due to the global pandemic. It’s extremely frustrating and has been a difficult time for each of the five cities – postponing races, navigating the restrictions and trying to plan for the future in an uncertain period.

The difficult decision to delay the start of the series to 2022 has been made to ensure that when runners return to our cities from around the world to kick start their Super Journey, the experience will match that of what we had envisaged back in 2019 when we introduced the concept.

The situation has been vastly different in each of our five countries throughout the pandemic, with different levels of infections and varying timelines on vaccination roll out and the easing of restrictions.

In 2021, the cities of Copenhagen, Valencia and Lisbon have found themselves in a position to deliver their events (with a number of COVID safety measures in place) despite travel restrictions meaning some runners could not yet make it to the start line. We’ve taken the decision that the beginning of the series will still be on pause until 2022, when all five races can safely return, as we want to ensure the great experience we promised back in 2019 will be realised.

We know some of you will be disappointed, but this delay to the start of the series is born out of a desire to deliver a truly memorable experience at a time when events can return safely to all five cities and runners are able to travel freely around all of our countries.

Our five cities are committed to organising beautiful races, and we hope you can trust in us to deliver memorable experiences for you from 2022 onwards – just in the way we had imagined two years ago. 

From 2022, runners will have 36 months to complete the five races (starting from the first race completed) and will earn a stamp in their SuperPassport upon completing each one. 

Keep an eye out on our social media feeds and newsletters, where we will communicate details about the return of our races including exclusive offers and priority early access to registration for those impacted by the delays.

We hope we can make it up to you and look forward to a bright future and many kilometers ran together in the years ahead. 

We cannot wait to get started!

Your SuperHalfs team