An extraordinary running series for ordinary runners

SuperHalfs is our way of sending you and other regular runners off on your own running adventure.

Not for the headlines. Not for a chance to take your place on the podium. But for the fun of running. For the thrill of travel. And for the joy of saying “I did it!”

5 races - 36 months - 1 SuperMedal

It's a series of five glorious half marathons that will take you to Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia.

Complete these races in any order, but you must finish all five within a 36-month period. 2022 races & onwards are valid.

You will get your SuperMedal at the finish line of your last race!

The event locations

All of the SuperHalfs events are World Athletics' Elite Road Race Labels or are run on World Athletics (IAAF) World Championship courses. They are certified by AIMS or have been awarded a 5 Star Road Race standard by European Athletics.

What's more, several races in the SuperHalfs group have played host to World Record performances.

EDP Lisbon
Half Marathon

Lisbon is waiting for you

March 10, 2024

Half Marathon

All runners are beautiful

April 6, 2024

Half Marathon

The place for breaking limits

September 17, 2023

Principality Building Society
Cardiff Half Marathon

Wales’ iconic road race

October 1, 2023

Valencia Half Marathon
Trinidad Alfonso Zurich

One of the fastest races in the world

October 22, 2023
Be rewarded for your efforts as you travel around five beautiful cities and five amazing races, collect e-stamps in a virtual passport and a SuperMedal for completing the five-race circuit. Pick your trip, pick your starting point and hit the road!

How it works

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In 36 months & be welcomed into the SuperRunner Hall of Fame

Want to be a SuperRunner?
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Ideal for all runners - whether you are taking your first steps into running, need some motivation to build yourself back up to the half marathon distance or are ready and raring to complete your first SuperHalfs race. Each Training Challenge comes with its own unique and beautifully designed SuperTrainer Challenge medal. Powered by realbuzz - the official training provider of SuperHalfs. Plan your training, pick your challenge and hit the road. You 'half' to do this!

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