Herren Project

  • Pam Rickard
  • 540-238-7187
  • pam@herrenproject.org

Why run for us?

Herren Project’s daily mission is to support, inspire and empower those affected by addiction. Team Herren Project supports that transformational work. We are a community of individuals who help each other, and others, live stronger, healthier lives while we work to promote the power of recovery.

What support will you receive?

•            $500 Fundraising Commitment

•            Herren Project Pays Your Registration/Entry Fee

•            Custom Race Apparel & Swag

•            Comprehensive Fundraising Support

•            Professional Training Plan from Sage Running

How to get a place?

Apply for a Charity Place

Team Herren Project is a welcoming community of individuals who are committed to raising funds and awareness for Herren Project. We participate in various kinds of athletic fundraising to help support Herren Project’s programs and services. Teammates come from all over the world and from all walks of life. Together, we celebrate recovery, healing and empowerment through healthy activities.

Fundraising amount and Registration Fee

•            $500 Fundraising Commitment

•            Herren Project Pays Your Registration/Entry Fee

Want to find out more information?

Pam Rickard at pam@herrenproject.org


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