February 7, 2024

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Hi !

Before you start reading - one important news!

If you are thinking of participating in the Valencia half marathon this year,
Less than
100 entries are available at the moment and it will be sold out in a few hours!

And check out Cardiff and Prague too - full details below - the remaining places will only take a few days to sell out.

Laaast caaal!

And now let's proceed to the main information today, which is...

Everything is ready for the season 2024!



We informed you in the last email about the next steps and asked you to wait until the beginning of February - which is now.

This is the current status of our preparation:

  • At the end of January, we will process data on the preferred SH series (SH5/SH6).
  • Based on the series, we will assign each runner the correct SuperPassport (with five or six races). 
  • We calculate everything and predict how many and which SuperRunners we will have at the spring races to properly prepare the SuperMedals.  (for Lisbon race)
  • And yes, we also have to reveal the new SH6 SuperMedal!  (soon)




The main changes we're announcing today:

1. There are two SuperPassports.

One with a Berlin page and one without.
Of course, you can only see one, yours (based on the series you participate in - SH5 or SH6). Click the orange button below to check it.

Also, My SuperHalf Journey page (the third page in the PDF file), shows the correct number of rows (5 or 6), the correct expiration date for each race (3 or 5 years) and also the correct SuperMedal, with five or six holes/stamps for illustration of your progress.


Your Passport



2. Hall of Fame with a new filter

You can list runners based on their participation in a specific series (SH5 or SH6).

Also note that SuperRunners who chose to continue in the SH6 series are no longer listed in the Hall of Fame until they complete their sixth race in Berlin and will become SuperRunner again. ;-)


Hall of Fame





Status of your SuperHalfs journey

First name: 
Last name: 

The series: SH6

# events done: 
Last event: 



A detailed view of your races


For more information about the races (race name, date, BIB number, finish time, ...) please visit your Result section

Missing result? Claim it!
If you finished the eligible SuperHalfs race but the result is missing from the list above, you must claim it.
You fill in a simple form with your race data.
We will check it and manually assign your result to your SuperPassport number.




Join the Official SuperHalfs Strava Club


  • Do you like Strava?
  • Would you like to compare yourself to other SuperHalfs runners?
  • Do you want to see how they prepare for our races?


Join the club and get social with other aspiring SuperRunners right now!




Join SuperHalfs Strava Club





Status of race registrations as of February 7, 2024
Click any of the links below to find out more.






Sunday, March 17
sold out

Thank you!


Saturday, April 6
 *  open  * 

300 entries remaining.
Don’t miss out!


Sunday, April 7
sold out

Thank you!


 Sunday, September 15 
sold out

Thank you!


Sunday, October 6
 *  open  * 

1200 entries remaining.
 The race will sell out this weekend! 


Sunday, October 27
 *  open  * 

Less than 100 entries left!






We’re updating our Privacy Policy.

We make these updates to support our project, add new features, provide additional information about how personal data is processed, and comply with new laws and regulations.
We have added the Use of Media paragraph to describe that we may use photographs and other media materials from the races for marketing purposes.
The updated Privacy Policy will go into effect on February 7, 2024. Your participation in SuperHalfs from that date onward will be subject to the updated Privacy Policy.



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