Riga - Medals unveiled!

Run and Earn Your World Champs Medal

Run and Earn Your World Champs Medal

World Athletics Road Running Championships in Riga have unveiled the medals' design created by Maija Rozenfelde, inspired by Latvian culture.

Finishers' medals hold immense significance as a well-deserved reward for the determination and perseverance displayed by all participants throughout the course, as well as the effort they invested in training. Receiving a medal upon crossing the finish line holds particular importance for mass race participants. Therefore, all participants who complete the World Championships over 21 km, 21 km relay, 5 km, Road Mile race, and the Kids’ Day distance races will receive medals.

What sets the World Championships medals in Riga apart is that they are designed with the motifs of Strunke, ensuring both world champions and mass race finishers receive these special tokens of accomplishment.

The concept behind the medals is rooted in the geometry of the race, encompassing elements such as body position, step angle, breathing rhythm, and pulse rate.
It symbolises the multifaceted journey of each participant towards the finish line, abstractly representing the length of the specific distance (1 mile, 5 km, 21 km). The longer the distance, the more strategic and precise effort must be invested, overcoming various obstacles.

Maija Rozenfelde, the designer of the medals. She is a partner at "KID Design", an associate professor at the Latvian Arts Academy, and the head of the Design Department

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