SuperRunners crossed the finish line

SuperRunners crossed the finish line in Valencia as SuperMedal design revealed

SuperRunners crossed the finish line in Valencia as SuperMedal design revealed

The Spanish city of Valencia witnessed the arrival of the first finalists of the SuperHalfs series this Sunday. These finishers won their `SuperRunner´ status, by crossing the finish line and completing the circuit of the five half marathons: Prague, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia. The first finisher was Joao Cruz, from Portugal. 

As a reward, they were welcomed by the SuperHalfs team, congratulated on their achievement and awarded the much-desired and exclusive SuperMedal! In addition, the finalists will see their name added to the SuperHalfs Hall of Fame.

So far, 12,000 runners have started their journey. The passports holders are 67% male and 33% female. Great Britain, tops the list of athletes' countries of origin, followed by Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Czechia, Italy, Ukraine, Brazil and France.

The much anticipated design of the SuperMedal, awarded to all runners who complete the series has now been revealed, offering some fresh motivation to those looking to complete the series. The beautiful medal includes a name and cityscape for each city as well as an inscription of the five half marathon race routes - which will hold special and unique memories for everyone who has completed their journey. 

The SuperHalfs is an exciting new series of half marathon races in Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia. It offers the unique opportunity to embark on your own running adventure around beautiful cities and races, collecting stamps in a virtual passport and a SuperMedal for completing the circuit. They have 36 months to complete all five, starting the date of the first race completed. 

Runners receive the 'stamps' in their passports as soon as they complete each event, which is automatically assigned as long as the corresponding passport number is associated with the registration.

From now on, each SuperCity will see SuperRunners completing their journey!

The circuit continues next year, with the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon, on 12th March 2023.

2023 Races Calendar

  • EDP Lisbon Half Marathon – 12th March
  • Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon – 1st April
  • Copenhagen Half Marathon – 17th September 
  • Cardiff Half Marathon – 1st October
  • Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Half Marathon – 22nd October