First SuperRunners!

First SuperRunners Expected In Valencia

First SuperRunners Expected In Valencia

This Sunday 23 October, the SuperHalfs team will be at Valencia’s Half Marathon finish line to welcome and congratulate the first finishers of the SuperHalfs Series.

Although those taking on the challenge have 36 months to complete the series, starting on the date of their first race, these runners will have completed their goal of taking part in the world’s leading half marathons and earning all five stamps in their SuperPassports in just one calendar year. The series got underway in 2022.

Immediately after completing Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP, SuperRunners will be rewarded with an exclusive SuperMedal and will see their names added to the SuperHalfs Hall of Fame.

Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia; five world-class events, based on their quality (popularity, location and sustainability policies), have seen thousands of runners embark on the beginning of their SuperHalfs journey since the beginning of the year. Almost twelve thousands have claimed their digital SuperPassport and will continue their historic journey in 2023.

The series is offering the running community the opportunity to take part in beautiful races, explore great cities and embark on a unique running adventure.

We cannot wait to get the first SuperHalfs finalists – at the finish line on Sunday!