5 tips to carry on your fundraising after you've completed the SuperHalfs series

Completing the SuperHalfs for charity (whether one event or all five) needn’t be the end of your fundraising experiences. Now you have proved to yourself and others that you can do it why not look ahead to another event, maybe a marathon, and raise more funds for your favourite charity. You’ll now have many of the tools you need to do it again and maybe take your fundraising to another level.

Use your passport

After each event you’ll receive a copy of your digital passport stamped with details of each event that you’ve completed. If you raised funds for charity it will also have the relevant charity logo stamped alongside the event information. The passport will be in a format that you can easily share on all social media platforms. Imagine the benefits of resharing this when you come to your next fundraising campaign. Not only do you know how to get yourself across a leading event’s finish line, but you have also fundraised for an event in a major new series, or maybe you’ve completed the whole series.

Use the medal

Same goes for the medals from your completed events. Take these to work or to friends and family and let them know about your running achievement (just in case they didn’t know already…). There is nothing like some quality bling to showcase what you’ve done and what you’re planning to do.

Tell your story

Facebook posts and Instagram stories are great but sometimes you just need to say a little bit more. Why not set up a blog or a WordPress (or similar) website that details your running and fundraising journey. Put regular emails together when you’re fundraising and include the link to your pages. Nothing encourages donors like seeing the proof of your efforts and your future plans.

Share photos from the five destinations

Words are only part of your story. Images are also key. These are 5 very photogenic cities and the photos you take of your time in each will be really important spreading your fundraising message. Don’t share them all at once though. Drip feed them to your supporters and keep some of the best ones back for when you ramp up your fundraising on your next challenge.

Remind them what your cause will do with your money

Most importantly work closely with your charity on your next challenge and make sure you are armed with all their latest news, especially how any money you raise will be spent. Many of the charities will be able to tell you the costs of certain aspects of their work and these can really help with future fundraising. The more messages from the charities you can incorporate in your fundraising activity the better.