Galileo gives major backing to SuperHalfs Series

SuperHalfs is delighted to announce that the European Union’s satellite navigation system ‘Galileo’ has thrown its support behind the international half marathon series and will become the Presenter Partner. The news comes as thousands prepare to plot their running journey across the continent.

Galileo is the 100% European, independent, civilian and free system behind the location services that millions use every day on smartphones, in cars, planes, on fitness trackers and various other devices.

Galileo believe ‘accuracy matters’. Their ambition for perfection perfectly aligns with the SuperHalfs, races that all aim to deliver the best possible experiences for runners.

The Galileo constellation is the result of unprecedented cooperation and innovation between European nations. Through SuperHalfs, a similar innovative and collaborative partnership has begun between the European cities of Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia.

Galileo’ will join thousands of runners and millions of spectators in attendance at races and at home viewing the global coverage when the series kicks off in Lisbon next month. Prague hosts the second leg before it heads to Copenhagen, across the North Sea to Cardiff and finishes up in the warm climbs of Valencia in October.

Carlo Capalbo, SuperHalfs Founding Member commented: “One of the core values of SuperHalfs is to open up a new world to runners, just as Galileo did for European citizens when they launched their civilian controlled Global Navigation Satellite System.

“The appetite for the SuperHalfs series has exceeded all expectations, with three of the five events already sold out and the other two very close after an influx of international participants chasing SuperRunner status.

“Thousands of runners from around the world have created a virtual passport and started planning their journey ahead of the first race in Lisbon on 22 March. Many will be using Galileo technology as they plan their vacations using mapping technology or tracking their progress in training with a location-based fitness tracker.

While general entries to the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon, Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon and Cardiff University Cardiff Half Marathon have sold-out, runners can still secure a place through the events’ charity partners. For more information, go to